Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM Download

The Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM Download can be found on this site, if you just want to take a quick look.

But, in this article we will want to explain to you the game.

There are many ways to fight the bosses.

One would be a spin jump to destroy them.

You can special points by doing them. Like nice, great and good. Earning those points can be spend to power up your character even more.

Somtimes, bosses are challenging and fight. So hit them with multijumps. The crowd will cheer for you and the action will be great.

But wait! Your princes was kidnappe. So now you have to fight the Bowser!

You can use a hammer jump or multi bounce on your enemy.

Check the damage done and examine carefully if you are still enough with HP. If you lose to much, you could dye. And that means resetting the game.

I hope, you play the Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door ROM on the real Nintendo Gamecube! That would be great.

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Dont waste any more time and enjoy the games from your jouth and stampede your enemy into the ground!